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Homemade Sweet Mincemeat

Homemade Sweet Mincemeat

With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to get things organised and for me that means making my own sweet mincemeat. Don’t get me wrong it’s not hugely expensive to buy ready made but as always the homemade stuff is always better. You know what’s in the jar because you put it there and it always tastes better. Also as another point for me, I can make mine 100% vegetarian 😀 which is always a good thing. Traditionally mincemeat...

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Fruity Scottish Flapjacks

Fruity Scottish Flapjacks

  Jump to Recipe: I though it was about time to do another Scottish recipe, as it’s been a while since my last Scottish baking adventure. And in the spirit of trying as many of the Scottish baking treats as possible I thought I should go for a classic. Flapjacks with a small twist making them fruity Scottish flapjacks instead 🙂     These are a yummy sweet chewy treat that is packed full of oats and sultanas and there is even a small...

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