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Christmas Sweet Rolls

Christmas Sweet Rolls

The #TwelveLoaves Challenge I found this challenge over at That Skinny Chick Can Bake. I am only sorry I didn’t find out about it earlier so I could have joined in sooner it’s all based around bread, yeast and quick breads. Recently I have developed a bit of an obsession with sweet rolls. I may have only put one recipe up on the blog so far (Pumpkin sweet rolls) but I have been experimenting with lots of different flavours and...

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Sweet Pumpkin Rolls

Sweet Pumpkin Rolls

These lovely sweet pumpkin rolls are a perfect autumnal breakfast. Stuffed to bursting with sweet spices and pecans and all topped with a sweet cinnamon glaze. How good does that sound not just for breakfast but also for anytime of the day? Seriously you will go nuts for these. Not long ago I was afraid of any kind of yeast based baking, I had once attempted a loaf of bread but to be honest with you I think it would have made a better...

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