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I guess there is no more denying it, Summer has left and Autumn has arrived. The apples on my tree are almost ready and its getting rather chilly in the mornings now. Oh and the internet is jam packed full of pumpkin recipes. So instead of fighting against the tide I thought I would join it and share with you these lovely Reduced Sugar Oatmeal Pumpkin Banana Breakfast Muffins. A healthy way to start the day with Fall’s darling,...

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Reduced Sugar Strawberry Banana Bread

It’s been an age since my last banana recipe 😱 I mean seriously it’s  been nearly 2 weeks! I’m sorry I have been letting the banana 🍌 side down. Joking aside this blog is a one stop shop when it comes to banana recipes, it’s my favourite ingredient to use in baking. Apart from tasting amazing, they can naturally sweeten a recipe allowing for less sugar 👍 Which is always a good thing. And...

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Wow it’s Friday already! I may have been complaining about Monday in my last post but TGIF now as it’s the weekend come 5pm. And to give you a little sugary sweetness I am going share something of a rarity on this site. A layer cake…… I know, not really that shocking for a baking site, but as I’ve said time and time again, I’m petty rubbish at the whole decorating / making it look pretty thing. But...

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I love a muffin recipe and I love it even more if I can make it a guilt free healthy snack. I don’t often fully omit sugar from these kinds of recipes because sugar does serve a few function in baking. And it’s not only just to sweeten a recipe. It can help with structure and the actual crumb of the bake. I have a sweet tooth so I packed these Skinny Sugar Free Fruity Muffins with plenty of sweet fruits to compensate for...

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One Bowl Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

So here we are in April already. Where has the first quarter of this year gone? Because time seems to be flying by so quickly, I am sharing a really simple quick and easy recipe with you today ‘One Bowl Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins’.     Jump to Recipe: Grab your FREE copy of 'The Little Book of Healthy Recipes' and sign up for weekly recipes. All recipes are Vegetarian, many are Vegan & some are Gluten Free.   For...

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