Sunflower Seed Granola Bars

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

Since I have started my blog I have noticed that granola bars are a bit of a holy grail for many food bloggers. Trying to get that perfect chewy crispy consistency can be hard. For me many have come out of the oven either too soft and soggy or too hard and brittle. I have experimented loads and these beautiful sunflower seed granola bars are the resultΒ of many hours of kitchen frustration! But trust me they were so worth it πŸ˜€

Sunflower Seed Granola Bars

Sugar & Sweetness

I tried to keep the sugar content down as little as I could in these bars. But when I made them with all honey they came out very soggy and pretty undesirable πŸ™ So I went back to my old friend sugar. I used a light brown sugar, partly because it has a wonderful flavour and partly because it’s less refined then white sugar.

Sunflower Seed Granola Bars

These bars are not too sweet and the sugar is just the right amount. I still added a little honey to them because is has such a lovely deep rich flavour.

sunflower seed granola bars

Add in’s

To give these granola bars lots of lovely texture I added in sunflower seeds which are packed full of healthy vitamins like vitamin E, B1, B6 and B3. As well as being rich in cooper, manganese and selenium.

Sunflower Seed Granola Bars
To add even more texture I added in cashews, raisins and flaked almonds all of which are packed full of vitamins and heart healthy fats. I tried to balance out that sugar as much as I could to stop you feeling guilty for eating too many of these πŸ˜‰

sunflower seed granola bars


I love a granola bar to snack on but shop bought ones are packed full of some ingredients I have no clue what they are and mass amounts of sugar. Where at least here I know what is in every bite πŸ™‚ These make a great breakfast on the go or a little sweet treat for your lunchbox. This recipe is pretty forgiving and if you are not a fan of something in these you should be able to easily replace it for something you prefer. Give these simple bars a go you wont regret it πŸ˜€

Sunflower Seed Granola Bars

sunflower seed granola bars

Sunflower Seeds Granola Bars

A soft yet crispy granola bar packed full of sunflower seeds, rolled oats, cashews, almonds and raisins.
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Course: Slices / Bars / TrayBakes
Cuisine: British
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 12 medium sized squares
Author: Emma


  • 150 grams light brown sugar ((3/4 cup - packed))
  • 3 tablespoons clear runny honey
  • 150 grams Unsalted butter ((3/4 cup))
  • 250 grams rolled oats ((2 and 1/2 cups))
  • 100 grams raisins ((1/2 cup))
  • 75 grams unsalted cashews - broken into bits ((1/2 cup before being bashed))
  • 50 grams sunflower seeds ((1/4 cup))
  • 25 grams flaked almonds ((1/4 cup))


  • Prep an 8x8 inch square pan by lining it with parchment paper, then place it to one side and preheat your oven to 160C / 325F / Gas mark 3.
  • In a medium sized saucepan put in the sugar, honey and butter and melt over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Once it has place the pan to one side to cool.
  • While your pan is cooling, in a large mixing bowl place your rolled oats and raisins.
  • Place your cashews in a plastic zip lock bag and give them a gentle bash with a rolling pin to break them down into small pieces. Then add these to your mixing bowl.
  • Add in your sunflower seeds and flaked almonds and give everything a good mixing.
  • Pour in the liquid ingredients from your cooled pan and stir until everything is very well combined.
  • Pour the mixture into your prepared pan and press it down with the back of a spoon and pop it in the oven for 30 to 35 minutes.
  • You want your granola bars to be golden in colour, when it is, take it out of the oven and allow it to fully cool down. About an hour, depending on how cold your kitchen is!
  • Take the cold granola slab and cut it into 12 equal size squares.
  • Kept in an airtight tin these granola bars will keep well for up to one week.
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  1. Hi Emma. Made and love these bars but I’m wondering about the calories. I give these to my daughter who is always watching her weight and when I attempted to calculate the calories I was a bit disturbed. Perhaps I got it wrong. Do you have an estimate?
    Keep those wonderful recipes coming!

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    • Hi Jane, I don’t calculate the calories of my recipes, I would probably frighten myself too much if I did. The only thing I can suggest if you are after a slightly lighter version is to try cutting down on some of the sugar a bit but they may not stick together as well. I am glad you enjoyed them, try playing around with the recipe and see how you get on by cutting out or replacing some of the ingredients that are higher in calories.

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  2. My teenage son is a huge sunflower seed fan. I am definitely making these for him. Now that school has started he loves the grab and go stuff for breakfast. These will be perfect. Thank you!

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    • Hi Christy thank you. I am sure your son will love them especially as he is a sunflower seed fan πŸ˜€

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  3. I haven’t made granola or granola bars for months. I think it’s time to make some and your recipe is where I’ll start. They look nice and solid and full of goodness.

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    • Hi Maureen, thank you I know you’ll love them πŸ˜€

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  4. Yummy granola bars, and I love that sunflower seed addition! These would become my new favorite snack!

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  5. I’m not much of a granola bar eater, but I’m such a huge fan of sunflower seeds, cashews, etc, that I think I’d love yours!!

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Liz thank you I think sunflower seeds are highly under used I snack on them constantly πŸ™‚

      Post a Reply
  6. The texture looks perfect here, and even with a little sugar, these granola bars sound very healthy! A great start to any day!

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Brianna thank you I just couldn’t get these to work without sugar the experiments continue! πŸ˜€

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  7. You’re right – granola bars can be tricky to get just right! These look awesome – I just had a granola bar from a local store with sunflower seeds that was soooo good. These remind me of it!

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Ashley thank you they are tricky but so worth it πŸ™‚

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  8. Love granola bars and I am always on the lookout for a that chewy and crispy consistency too πŸ™‚ These look and sound fantastic and can’t wait to try it out for our next batch!

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    • Hi Kelly, thank you I know you will love these when you try them they are so good πŸ˜€

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  9. Awesome recipe! Looks yummy

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  10. LOVE the tartan tin, perfect πŸ˜‰

    I know what you mean about trying to find the balance with sugar in these sorts of things, but sometimes, we gotta put a bit in πŸ™‚

    Once again you have made me want to come round your house and eat all your creations.

    These. Look. Moreish.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Emma thank you πŸ˜€ that tin was a gift from my Scottish other half he keeps trying to make me more Scottish! And you’re right sometimes we just can’t do without sugar!

      Post a Reply
  11. We love homemade granola bars. These are perfect for breakfast on the go!

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    • Hi Angie thank you I shall definitely be making more in the future πŸ™‚

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  12. When it comes to granola bars, Emma, I think you are right. Homemade is best. The stuff in the shops seems like a healthy snack alternative, and yet when you look at the ingredient list on some of the bars, a chocolate biscuit suddenly seems like the healthy option. These look delicious, and healthy.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Hester, thank you I haven’t bought a shop made granola bar in ages exactly for those reasons πŸ™‚

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