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As with pretty much everything in life I am always three steps behind where I had planned to be and that can also be applied to my Christmas baking and more importantly to you guys my Christmas recipe blogging. I am currently sat at the dining room table in my childhood family home writing up this post, drinking a large mug of homemade mulled wine and eating a slice of this Gluten Free Vegan Italian Chocolate Panforte. I am so behind...

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Quick Vegan Summer Fruit Quinoa Salad

I have just returned from a little vacation down South visiting family. It was so nice to unplug for a few days and just relax with friends and family. And act like a kid again while playing with my Nephew. I only manage to return to my hometown a few times a year so I always enjoy it when I get the chance, especially at this time of year. Because the climate is a little warmer then up here in Scotland. The Summer berries are in...

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So is everyone feeling a touch of the Monday morning blues? I know I am, I have a busy day planned at work but for some reason Monday’s drag something chronic. I could have the easiest most relaxed day at work and it would still drag because it’s Monday 😩. But enough moaning because to cheer this day up I am sharing a super simple Vegan side dish for 4 people or a main dish for 2. Sweet and savoury combine to make...

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No Bake Raspberry Almond Granola Bars

For many summer is in full swing and it’s far too hot to even consider turning on the oven. While here in Scotland, it’s pleasent but not swelteringly hot or anything crazy. But I still do not want to spend hours with a hot oven on heating up my kitchen . And that is where no bake treats like my No Bake Raspberry Almond Granola Bars are the answer to your prayers. They are sweet enough to satisfy cravings for something...

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Happy Monday everyone, does such a thing exist? Is there ever a truly happy Monday? Maybe not but I can help make it a little easier for you. Especially when you have this amazing Quick and Easy Carrot and Coriander Soup to look forward to for your lunch or as part of a lighter dinner. Quick and easy to make, no weird  complicated ingredients to find, healthy and filling. The perfect little Monday pick-me-up.   Jump to Recipe:    ...

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Its ‘Peanut Butter Bash’ time and this month to tantalise your tastebuds we are mixing things up with strawberries. ❤️ It has been forever since I’ve shared a granola recipe with you. And who doesn’t love homemade granola? It’s far healthier then shop bought granola and it is so customisable you can make any flavour you fancy. So I know you are going to go crazy for this Homemade Peanut Butter Strawberry...

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