This Super Simple Old Fashioned Egg Custard Tart is a dessert from my childhood. You used to be able to find slices of it in bakeries, on school menus and in restaurants. It has fallen from favour over the years. Being deemed old-fashioned and boring. But I still love it! There is something so lovely about its simplicity. A smooth, creamy custard with a hint of nutmeg in every bite. In this version, I have simplified the ingredients...

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What could be better than a dessert that only takes 7 minutes to make? No, we can not count the eternal wish of the tasty zero calorie dessert. Well, the answer is Individual Microwave Apple Pear Crumbles. A perfect quick fix when that sweet craving kicks in but you actually don’t want to have too much sugar. Packed full of fruit, and a buttery sweet crumble topping and did I mention it only takes 7 minutes to make? Jump to...

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I actually made these Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Snickers Cheesecake Bars just before Christmas but never got around to sharing them with you. With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought this would be a great time to share them. Quick and easy to make and a perfect little treat for your loved ones. Or just to eat all by yourself, hey no judging from his direction! Jump to Recipe Cookie Dough. To make these chocolate chip cookie...

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Chocolate Caramel Apple Oatmeal Bars

We are now in the full swing of Fall and we are quickly cruising towards Winter. The flavours of the moment are warming cosy and sweet flavours, these Chocolate Caramel Apple Oatmeal Bars perfectly fit the bill. Cinnamon and allspice infuse the buttery oatmeal base and crumble topping. Tart apple chunks covered in caramel along with chocolate chips make the filling. All these ingredients come together to give you a wonderful dessert...

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Triple Layered Chocolate Jelly Dessert

This post is sponsored by Dr. Oetker. Dr. Oetker provided me with the ingredients to make this Triple Layered Chocolate Jelly Dessert. All opinions are my own.   Dr. Oetker asked me if I would like to make one of their recipes using a super useful ingredient, (especially if you are vegetarian) called Vege-Gel. I’ve been using Vege-Gel for a while now as an alternative to animal based gelatine products. So I jumped at the chance...

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It’s that time of month again when I get to play about with peanut butter and another ingredient. This month I am pairing peanut butter with honey. Because honey is such a delicate flavour I really didn’t want to make a baked treat. Because its summer, ice cream is a favourite around here so this was a no brainer. So let me introduce you to my new favourite dessert, No Churn Honey Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream....

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