Oaty Crumbles

Oaty Crumbles

  Jump to Recipe: I have been living in Scotland now for around 6 years and to be honest I have still not really gotten used to 2 things, the weather (its just so cold and miserable most of the time) and the food. It’s very much meat, potatoes and a side of vegetables. Being a vegetarian this does not really appeal to me, mince, haggis, scotch / macaroni / bean pies 🙁 as lovely as I’m sure they are they are definitely not for me.    ...

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Hairy Bikers Amsterdam Caramel cookies

Hairy Bikers Amsterdam Caramel cookies

Amsterdam Caramel Cookies by the Hairy Bikers   I am not the world’s biggest cookie fan, but my partner loves them so occasionally I’ll forgo the girly cupcakes and bake something more for him. We both really enjoyed the BBC TV series The Hairy Bikers Bakcation, and bless him he bought the book for me the moment it came out. Its a seriously good read with some cracking ideas in it. If you fancy a bit of a bake-a-thon with stuff...

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