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About This Blog and Me

Hi I’m Emma, writer, photographer and recipe developer of Bake Then Eat and this page is a little about this blog and me.


Emma - blog owner


Bake Then Eat is an adventure of mine in baking. I use baking as a way to de-stress from work and just to get away from it all. Happiness is baking, decorating then eating the cake.


While this blog leans towards the sweeter side of the menu, I will also share easy vegetarian & vegan savoury dishes with you. It doesn’t matter if like me you are a dedicated vegetarian of 30 + years or someone who is looking for a few meatless meals to enjoy as part of a healthy balanced diet. I have you covered, no matter what side of the coin you fall on.


I also share some Vegan and Gluten Free recipes on my blog. Though I am not a Vegan myself I do like to eat plant based meals on a regular basis. I do not suffer from a gluten intolerance but I like to make treats that can be enjoyed by everyone. Some of my dishes are naturally gluten free and if they are I point that out, but other times I like to make dishes gluten free so they can be enjoyed by everyone.


All my recipes are easy to make with step by step instructions to help you through your own baking adventures. All my recipes are made with metric weights but also with American cup measurements. I work with both. Often when creating a new recipe I work with cups but my digital scales always keep me right for perfect weights, and when I create a recipe using metric I always measure out the volume for cup measurements, making it again using just cups or metric weight to make sure it works with both to give you perfect results every time.


You can usually see new posts from me on Mondays and Thursdays, I will occasionally change from this schedule because like everyone sometimes work has me totally tied down. And I have recently started a new venture in life, I have gone back to University again! I did it once and decided to do it again, crazy I know. Last time I studied Electronic Media this time I am giving Psychology a go. So please forgive me if I am a little late now and again.


I am from and live in the UK, Edinburgh is home. I live with my chief taster and partner of 10 years Michael. I originally come from the West Country, Plymouth to be precise. I have also lived in London and Birmingham.


Michael and I


I have no professional qualifications in cooking or baking. I am lucky I come from a family that always has home bakes. If I ever visit my Mum & Dad’s there is always a homemade cake waiting on the cake stand. (Your gingerbread please Mum!)


Lets face it our lives are busy enough without having to worry about the nutritional values of everything we and our families eat. We want our cake and we want to be able to eat it! Without feeling guilty about all the hidden ‘E’ numbers, artificial flavourings and colourings being fed to us, not to mention the huge amounts of sugar added to almost everything. For years I was happily eating my morning granola, blissfully unaware of its extremely high sugar content. And this was the healthy option on offer!


Now don’t get me wrong, I am not sugar bashing. I love my sweet treats as much as the next sweet toothed person. But I want to be aware  of my actual intake and by making my own, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and granola amongst other things I know what I am eating, and so will you. This is the beauty of homemade treats. They taste so much better than mass produced shop bought treats and you know exactly what you are eating.


I will show you that this is an easily achievable goal. Muffins from mixing bowl to plate in less time than it takes you to get in your car, drive to the shops, park get your muffins. Then have to drive all the way home. This is far too stressful.


Doesn’t it sound better to just mix up a few pantry staples, pop it in the oven. Relax and read a few pages of your book wait for your timer to ping. Then enjoy warm muffins fresh from the oven?


I am always happy to help anyone with any questions, so feel free to contact me via my ‘How to contact me’ page; I am also on Facebook, Google+ and twitter or feel free to email me. Or leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon, and don’t forget to grab your free ebook xxx

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