I know this is a little off track for me, but I thought it best to inform all of you, my dear virtual friends and readers of what is going on around Bake Then EatΒ at the moment. Apologies in advance for such a word heavy post. Though to break it up I have interspersed it with a few images of what you can expect over the next few months πŸ™‚ So I guess you can consider thisΒ A Bake Then Eat Newsletter.

I am sure you have noticed things look a little different around here, last week my theme had a core update and it sent my blog into a tailspin! Menus stopped working, comments could no longer be submitted and that was only the start of the problems.

So I have changed my theme and rearranged things a bit for a more optimised experience. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of stress. I think its all okay but please let me know if you come across any issues I haven’t picked up on.


Vegetarian Quorn Goan Curry


Secondly, I have made no secret that my job can be very demanding of my time. I pretty much live on a ship for up to 8 months a year. Which can make blogging very challenging.

This is not the first time I have said this, but there is zero personal internet in the middle of the ocean. Yes there is internet, via satellite which is provided for the ship by my Government but its very limited and absolutely no social media access at all! πŸ™


luxury bagel french toast with maple mango salsa


I can be posted on a shipΒ anywhere in the world, last summer I was on a ship that went into the Mediterranean and I was out of touch for nearly 6 weeks. I baked up a storm and made sure there were enough posts to cover this period, so my blog in effect didn’t become a void of nothingness that was never updated.

I was out of touch with everything and everyone, I didn’t leave comments on other blogs and I did’t acknowledge comments left here on Bake Then EatΒ and I came home to almost 1000 emails.Β A lot of them blog updates from my favourite blogs, which I loved reading πŸ˜€


Vegan blueberry banana oat smoothie


Since I started my blog I have been pretty lucky with my ships appointments. I have been based off the UK coast allowing me to pop home to keep my blog updated and alive. And God bless the smart phone, they allow me to keep up to date with what my bloggy friends are up too also.

I was told a few weeks ago that I was going to be needed, far away from the UK. Europe is a hotbed of anger at the moment and is looking far away for the cause of all the issues (Im not allowed to give specifics). It’s a very sad world that we are currently live in. But enough about politics this is not a political blog!


Homemade Chocolate Chip Mint Filled Oreo's


So I have spent the last few weeks baking up a major storm, poor Michael is sick of looking at cakes, cookies, ice cream and a multitude of other treats. And in-between that I have had my head stuck in my laptop fixing my site and writing up at least 4 months of posts. (I’m still working on the latter one!)

I may not actually be away from the UK for the whole 4 months but there is always that chance, and I don’t want my blog, which I have worked so hard on and given so much time to, to just become another empty space on the internet. So I shall have 4 months of posts all scheduled and ready to go. (Fingers crossed!)

70% of them are original recipes, at least 15% are from cookbooks or other blogs (all credit given where it should be) and the remaining 15% are list posts and round up posts. It’s really hard to come up with 100% original content which is baked and tested (and rebaked to make sure) photographed, edited and then written about. Especially in such a short time. But I did give it a really good go πŸ˜€


homemade mint choc chip ice cream


So please forgive me a few cheeky “filler” posts πŸ˜‰

But in the ever changing world of life, things could always change. I have a job interview on Monday to move to a job that is shore side, so fingers crossed that pans out πŸ˜€ If it doesn’t my ships programme may change and I may have internet access on a more regular basis. So here is to the uncertainty of life lets all have some fun as you only get one shot at it πŸ˜€

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