Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful festive season and are now fully recharged and ready for January and the year ahead. So what is everyone wishing for in 2018? My long wished for tasty 0 calorie dessert? Buying that winning lotto ticket? Or something a little more realistic like health and happiness for all those that you love. Either way, I hope all your wishes come true. Let’s get on with this lovely list of 2018 Food Trend Predictions.


Each year, I do a little research and discover what people are saying will be popular in the coming year. Whittle, it down to just 10 of the most popular and round them up here for you guys. It is just for fun and I am no industry insider. So let’s have a look at what “they” say will be popular in no particular order and let me know what you are hoping for in 2018.


Non Dairy Milk.

Throughout 2017 there was a decline in the sales of dairy products, mostly in the milk isles. People are turning to plant-based ‘milk’ products in huge numbers now. I must admit I have pretty much made the switch myself 2 years ago. To be honest I have never been a fan of milk even when I was a kid. I have drunk black tea and coffee since my early teens and rarely eat cereal. My issues were not with all dairy, I still enjoyed yoghurt and cream, and still do.


2018 Food Trend Predictions - The rising popularity of plant based milks - here is a collection of almond milks | BakeThenEat.com


But there are more and more options becoming available, plant-based yoghurts, cream and cheeses. So will we see a huge move towards non-dairy this year or will people become more like me and just switch things up a bit. I still eat dairy but I do switch it up with plant-based dairy replacements pretty regular. So will you be more plant-based in 2018?


Floral Flavours.

So apparently we are all going to be going crazy for floral flavours! I must admit I do like some of them. I am not averse to lavender, rose, violet and I am partial to elderflower. But I don’t know how I feel about some of the others. Fresh flowers make a lovely decoration on cakes and bakes but I don’t know how I will feel about eating an edible bunch of flowers…… Oh well never say never.



2018 food trend predictions - floral flavours a lavender pastry and drink.

Image by Tohm Brigitte @ Stocksnap.io


Sugar alternatives.

So we are going to be moving away from refined sugars and looking towards more natural alternatives. When I am trying to go refined sugar-free I look towards honey and if I am looking to use a vegan alternative I tend to use agave nectar. But there is a whole range of alternatives out there, coconut sugar, date syrup, maple syrup and rice syrup. And much more I haven’t mentioned here.


2018 food trend predictions - sugar alternatives, dripping honey.

Image Marcin Czaja @ Stocksnap.io


Naked Cakes.

This is a favourite of mine, purely because it is quick and easy and I am pretty rubbish at decorating cakes! I guess its a personal choice if you are great at decorating cakes then please, by all means, carry on and make me jealous…..lol. Seriously they do look beautiful, both ways 😉


2018 food trend predictions - naked cakes

Image Karly Gomez @ Stocksnap.io


Fibre Rich Foods.

This year we will allegedly be eating as many fibre rich foods as possible. This is a pretty good goal to have, fibre is healthy and it keeps you fuller for longer when enjoyed at breakfast. So I am all in favour of this one.



Plant-Based Proteins.

So we are back into a Vegetarian / Vegan vibe again, while I can see many people switching things up a bit. And maybe adopting meatless Mondays and eating more plant-based foods. I don’t see the world switching to a purely plant-based diet. For starters I would have to wrestle that bacon out of my fella’s hands, I don’t think I would win. As much as I may like him to go vegetarian he won’t. He is prepared to eat vegetarian on occasion but he wouldn’t make the full switch. I mean he has only started eating chickpeas in the last 6 months, we have been together for 11 years. The fight is real people and I have my eyes on the very, very long game here…..



Poke Bowls.

I think it is Hawaiian food, in general, that is going to be very popular this year. While bowl food and poke bowls are making inroads in the UK it hasn’t really taken off here yet. There isn’t a lot, if any Hawaiian communities in the UK, so the food is yet to make a major impact, but I am sure that will change because we take so many cues from our American cousins with our cuisine.


Air Frying.

The healthy alternative to fried foods! Can I get an Amen 😀 I don’t own one yet but I am becoming more and more tempted, I do like some fried foods but I don’t eat them for health reasons. And if these air fryers are as good as they claim to be then I want one, I do really miss some fried foods and Pinterest is filled with loads of recipe ideas and they look, good people. 😀



I love a mocktail, they are perfect for feeling a little fancy when you are the designated driver or just don’t want to drink alcohol. I mean who wants to sip on a boring old OJ when you can have something that is multicoloured and has sparklers in it?


2018 food trend predictions - Mocktails are going to be very popular in 2018.

Image Lisa Fotion @ Stocksnap.io



Middle Eastern Food.

Having spent some time in the Middle East working, I have to say I like this one. A lot of the food is vegetarian and it’s so rich and tasty. If you haven’t had the chance to try any of the cuisines yet then please give it a go. If nothing else then I am sure you will enjoy falafel dipped in hummus. Tasty, mildly spicy and so moreish! Or something like this Shakshuka.


2018 food trend predictions - Middle Eastern Foods

Image Jaroslaw Ceborski @ Stocksnap.io


So as always this list is just a little bit of fun to start the New Year with. I hope you see something on this list that will tickle your tastebuds and strike your fancy 😀 Let me know what you are hoping will be popular in 2018?


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