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2016 Food Trend Predictions - Bake Then Eat

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2016 is the year that brings you everything you could wish for. Me? I am hoping this is the year that they finally create the zero calorie dessert that actually tastes good! Its a big reach I know but a girl can live in hope, can she not? But enough waffle lets get on with the 2016 Food Trend Predictions!


So every year at the beginning I like to do a little research around the internet and foodie publication to see what the ‘experts’ are predicting what will be hot and what will not be in the following year. I choose the 10 items that everyone seems to agree on and what seems to be mentioned over and over. So lets get on with the 2016 Food Trend Predictions. For fun if you fancy having a look at the two previous years here are the 2014 Food Trend Predictions and the 2015 Food Trend Predictions. Some were spot on and some where a complete dud.


So what have we got in store for 2016, according to the experts? Well its looking like a very savoury year (I promise not to run away crying)  almost all of the predictions I found were savoury flavours’ and dishes. I really had to root around to find any sweet trends, but after countless days and hours reading magazines and weird internet PDF reports I did manage to find a few to satisfy our sweet tooth’s but to be on trend this year we will all be enjoying savoury dishes. So without further ado, on with the 2016 Food Trend Predictions! (In no particular order of priority its just the order I typed them out in).


10. Power Bowls

Bowls are the new plates and apparently there are rules that need to be followed with this one! Seriously rules for food now? But the rules are as follows; start with a whole grain (quinoa, faro, brown rice, soba noodles etc:) add a protein source (eggs, beans, nuts, cheese, tofu or grilled meats if you eat meat) add in an assortment of veg then flavour the whole lot with a sauce. But nothing creamy! Healthy and wholesome is the aim here. And it doesn’t need to stop at the evening meal, breakfast is all about the bowl as well just get your grain add some fruit and yogurt and you are good to go. I am just glad that now when Michael looks at me like I am some kind of weirdo because I can never be bothered with plates and eat almost everything in a bowl I can now tell him I am just being on trend! Well there is a first time for everything I guess.


Peanut Butter Sauce Quinoa Power Bowl - 2016 Food Trend Predictions

Peanut Butter Sauce Quinoa Power Bowl


9. Flexitarian

Don’t worry I too had that blank look at first. Apparently this is the year that a lot of people will become part-time vegetarians, and will be looking towards a more plant based diet. I find this funny considering I have been a vegetarian of almost 30 years. And for the best part of 30 years I have struggled to order anything of interest in a restaurant (remember I live in Scotland, where almost everything is meat based) and shops have rarely offered much of interest in the grocery isles. So if this is true then I am all for it, it’s getting better all the time but I am more than ready for this explosion!


8. Spiralizing Fruit & Veg

I love all the names that have now become part of everyday language, Zoodles = Zucchini, Courgetti = Cougetts, Boodles = Beetroot. I am sure there are a tone more that will become common place in 2016. I really love my spiralizer I was so happy to get one for my birthday last year from my sister, and I now use it all the time. They range in price and style but you can pick up one for not very much to get yourself into the spiralizing mood!


Butternut Squash Noodle & Walnut Stir Fry - 2016 Food Trend Predictions

Butternut Squash Noodle & Walnut Stir Fry


7. Raw Chocolate

At long last something sweet! I haven’t really worked with raw chocolate to be honest it’s expensive and I don’t know an awful lot about it. It has to do with how they treat the beans, traditionally once picked companies used to roast the beans now they allow the growers to leave them out in the sun to dry naturally. This helps preserve all the nutrients and vitamins making it a “healthier” choice. I am undecided but I am all for giving it a go if he price comes down just a little bit! For further reading check out this BBC article on Raw Chocolate.


6. Waste Food Meals

I was surprised to see this on several lists but apparently the new thing to do is to go to a fancy restaurant and pay over the odds for a meal made of left overs! Seriously…….. Haven’t we been doing this in our own kitchens since time began? And now they want us to pay even more for it? I’m all for using left overs and repurposing food but I am not convinced I want to pay Gordan Ramsey oodles of cash for the pleasure. But I am all for seeing this more on blogs because everyone struggles now and again with fun and interesting ways to use up leftovers.


5. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Now this one appeared on the list for 2014, but to be honest I never really saw them taking off. Maybe that was just in the UK, I don’t know. But the experts are predicting another surge in this delightful treat. But this rime with more unique and artisan flavours. Well bring them on for the sampling I say.


ice cream sandwiches - 2016 Food Trend Predictions

Home Made Ice Cream Sandwiches


4. Fancy Grown Up Jellies

Vodka jelly anyone? Everything from savoury to Champagne jellies are going to be on offer this year. I don’t mind the idea of this but I have to be really careful with this one and so does anyone wanting to follow a vegetarian / vegan diet. Jelly or Jello traditionally is made with animal gelatine, more and more companies are moving to a vegetarian friendly recipe but some companies are slow on the uptake. So just remember to read your labels if you are entertaining your flexitarian friend this year! Or better yet make your own using vegetarian gelatine. Trust me it is so easy to do and you can make any flavour your heart desires.


3. Firey Foods

My name is Emma and I am a spice wimp! There I said it, so you can imagine I won’t be too into this predicted trend. But a little cheeky pinch is fine as long as it is not overpowering. I like Thia and Indian food I just tend to gravitate more towards the medium to mild category. But if you like your Vindaloos then you are super trendy this year so pucker up and have the water on stand by!


2. Pulses

The United Nations has even declared 2016 to be the international year of the pulse. Hearty, healthy and packed full of good nutrients what is there not to like? Beans, lentils and peas all come under this umbrella. Great as a protein replacement if you are following a plant based diet or if you are on a restricted budget. Packed full of fibre, vitamins, protein and are low in fat. A very healthy alternative to many other protein sources. And great for bulking up stews and soups to boot!


A Mixture of Pulses - 2016 Food Trend Predictions

A Mixture of Pulses


1. Fruit

Not just plain old fruit in a bowl but different ways to prepare and present it. Get spiralizing those apples people or try frying up some orange slices. Or how about melon flavoured cakes (is that even possible?) apparently the more unusual the better. We are going to see fruit be the star of desserts instead of just the garnish. And exotic fruits will also become the norm, dragon fruit sorbet anyone? Actually that sounds kinda nice! I can’t wait considering I consume my body weight in fruit on a weekly basis and could do with a few new ideas.


So that’s my little round up of 2016 Food Trend Predictions complete, I am no expert and didn’t come up with these ideas, I merely interpreted them. I scoured the Internet and read industry magazines and just picked my 10 favourites out of the ones that were constantly repeated on different lists. There are plenty of others to choose from, like grilled chicken…… I just have nothing to say about grilled chicken. But maybe you do and that’s great, I know Michael would prefer chicken to a bowl full of quinoa any day.


What would you like to see become a trend this year? Anything in particular or does something off my list grab your fancy. Let me know what you think.


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