10 Favourite Gluten Free Recipes

Posted on Mar 28, 2016

While I am lucky and don’t suffer any food intolerances I understand there is a large portion of food loving people who do, and don’t want to be left out of all the fun. While some of my recipes are naturally gluten free, I have made a point of making some of them intentionally that way. And they have often turned out to be my most popular recipes. So in honour of all those that suffer from gluten issues or have friends or family that do here is a round-up of my 10 Favourite Gluten Free Recipes.


A collection of 10 Gluten Free Recipes | BakeThenEat.com


Often it is only a quick and easy switch that creates gluten free recipes, but with any recipe that is for a special diet, especially one that is medical please be mindful of where and how you are creating it and keep your cooking area free of any gluten products.


For a full list of my gluten free recipes please check out my recipe index, but here are 10 of my favourites that honestly are as good as any gluten recipe I have tried.


Gluten Free Recipes.


1.Easy Gluten Free Fresh Strawberry Crumb Bars

Fresh strawberries are lovely at the best of times, but when sandwiched in between an oaty base and a crumb topping they become even better. These were made using only a few easy to buy recipe swaps. A combination of coconut and almond flour was used in place of plain all purpose flour and gluten free oats was used in place of regular oats. All ingredients are easy to come by and becoming more and more affordable.


2. Gluten Free Protein Coconut Flour English Pancakes

I call these pancakes but many would call these crepes, it doesn’t matter what you call them because they are super delicious and easy to make. Coconut flour is the star in this recipe, it adds a lovely flavour to these pancakes. Enjoy them sweet or savoury it doesn’t matter because they are so simple to make you will hooked after first bite.


3. Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake

This was my first foray into microwave mug cakes, I had resisted for years thinking they would be awful. But I am woman enough to admit I was wrong, made correctly they are amazing. The rice flour helps to keep this super chocolaty cake light and fluffy.


4. Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Orange Overnight Oats

This really is like eating dessert for breakfast but without the guilt. Gluten free oats keep this recipe safe for those who suffer any intolerance. And the chocolate is provided by a sugar free vegan gluten free liquid chocolate, which is only 14 calories per teaspoon. Healthy and packing a real flavour punch.


5. Healthy Pea and Mint soup {Vegan and Gluten Free}

If you are after a quick, easy and tasty lunch or light dinner then this recipe will become your best friend. Make sure you use gluten free stock to keep this one of the gluten free recipes here today. This dish packs a great flavour punch without the calories. Delicious and healthy, what more do you need in a dish?


6. Maple Banana Overnight Oats {Vegan and GF}

Overnight oats are like a revalation, once you try them you will love them. 10 minutes work before you go to bed yields you an amazing healthy breakfast which requires no further work. The fridge does all the hard work for you overnight as you sleep. With some gluten free oats the world is at you overnight oats fingertips. The flavour profiles are almost endless.


7. Simple Gluten Free Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Crisp

The only change here is regular oats for certified gluten free ones. It’s the easiest of all the swap outs to make and one everyone can enjoy. Fruit crisps are so easy to make and this raspberry one is no exception. I added in some dark chocolate to jazz it up a little. But like everything please check the labels to make sure everything is gluten free, you’ll be surprised what isn’t.


8. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie Rice Pudding

This is another one of the gluten free recipes that has a really easy swap in it, just make sure your pudding rice is certified gluten free and then you are good to go. This recipe has become a real autumnal favourite in my house, but to be honest with you canned pumpkin is available all year round, feel free to enjoy this dish at anytime of the year.


9. Really Rich Gluten Free Coconut Flour Brownies

I think you are getting the picture that I love coconut flour, well I do because you only have to use it sparingly because it is such a thirsty flour. Making it perfect for brownies. A really small amount goes a long way. My brownies only uses 60 grams which is just a little more than half a cup, leaving them lovely and fudgy. These will be a real crowd pleaser for those that suffer with gluten issues and for those that don’t.


10. Slow Cooker Vegetarian Spicy Three Bean Stew

One of my naturally gluten free recipes, there is nothing in here to cause any concern, but like I have said before please check the labels of anything you are going to use if you are catering for a gluten sensitive person. This is a hearty meat free recipe packed full of beans and vegetables all coming together with a little heat. Feel free to turn that heat up if you can handle it!


Hopefully I have given you a few ideas if you are catering for someone with a gluten sensitivity or if you are just looking for a little inspiration for yourself. You don’t need to be gluten sensitive to enjoy any of these dishes so what are you waiting for? Tuck in! So what are your gluten free recipes that you go-to when you cater for friends and family?



  1. This recipe looks great. I would appreciate if you could check out my blog, I try to post helpful tips and facts as regularly as I possibly can!

    If anyone could check it out and let me know what you think that would be great!


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  2. very useful emma …. my son love to eat gluten free food .. thank u for sharing all healthy food

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  3. Hi,
    Me and my family are allergic to gluten, so these recipes helped a lot especially the Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake.

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    • Hi Natalie, that GF vegan chocolate mug cake is amazing and I still make it all the time 😀

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  4. i really needed a gluten free recipe,really amazing and easy

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  5. i’m not sensitive to gluten. but i’m really liking those banana crepes with chocolate sauce. boy does that look good. and the coconut flour pancakes are going to be for breakfast tomorrow. excellent.
    thanks for the great recipes.

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  6. I agree with what was said above–I’m definitely not gluten-free and for some reason thought the food would somehow be…less. But by looking at these recipes…I think I’m having a change of heart. I’ll have to try these out soon! Thanks!

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    • Hi Bernard, I used to think the same but with a little experimenting in the kitchen I have grown a real love for it. But I am fortunate like you I don’t have an intolerance and I can enjoy the best of both worlds 😀

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  7. I’m not gluten free, but I seriously want to stuff my face with every single one of those recipes. 😉

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    • Hi Jennifer, thank you 😀 I agree, I’m not gluten free but I do love some of the GF dishes!

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  8. This is such a gorgeous collection of gluten-free recipes, Emma. Everything sounds so intriguing. Can’t wait to try Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Orange Overnight Oats!

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    • Hi Anu, thank you. Those chocolate orange oats are amazing, such a healthy breakfast but yet they taste so sinful!

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  9. i love gf recipes! They all sound fantastic and thanks for taking time to do the roundup, Emma.

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    • Hi Angie thank you. I am certainly gaining an appreciation for all the different flours available to us now making all these recipes so unique.

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  10. Oh, gosh, what a great array of gluten free recipes! I’m still working on a chocolate mug cake—not quite there yet! You seem to have the knack 🙂

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    • Hi Liz, thank you. I have no doubt you will crack that mug cake recipe. I found taking the egg out of it made it so much easier.

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  11. This is such a great round-up Emma! My mom and sister both have to eat gluten free so I am always always looking for new recipes to try out when they are in town!

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    • Hi Ashley, thank you 😀 I have a friend I need to cater for sometimes and it’s hard at times to come up with new ideas. Hence why I am always experimenting.

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  12. Amazing collection of recipes. I just can’t wait to try the coconut flour brownies. YUMMY!

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    • Hi Kushi, those brownies are one of my all time favourite recipes 🙂

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