Fruit Smoothie and Greek Yogurt Ice Lollies

After all the chocolate I have indulged in recently, I wanted my next recipe to be light, fruity and healthy and something so easy I didn’t need to break into a sweat to make it. And with the sun shinning it was a no brainer, I wanted a creamy on the go dessert.

Ice lollies with fruit in a bowl

I love ice cream and ice-lollies, they are a great quick and easy desserts or cheeky afternoon treat. But I didn’t want to make anything unhealthy, I was craving sweetness but not the calories!

Close up of ice lolly with a frozen kiwi slice in the middle

So I raided my fruit bowl and came up with strawberries, bananas and kiwis. Banana and strawberry make wonderful smoothies but I find kiwis don’t blend well, turning everything a sludgy brown with their seeds.

Fruit Smoothie & Greek Yogurt Ice Lolly with chopped fruit

I chucked the strawberries, banana a dash of skimmed milk and lemon Greek yogurt in a blender and whizzed them all together, it would have made a great smoothie but I wanted ice-lollies :)

2 ice lollies with fruit and yogurt

I poured the smoothie into my ice-lolly moulds and sliced up my kiwi and popped a slice in each mould. And popped them in the freezer overnight. And waited impatiently for my fruit smoothie and Greek yogurt ice lollies!

ice lollies in their moulds

What I got the next day was a creamy, fruity dessert on a stick.

A half eaten ice lolly with a bowl of fruit

I used a fat free lemon Greek yogurt in mine as I am a huge fan of all things citrus, and I felt the lemon would give it a nice bite, which it did but this would work just as well with a natural flavoured Greek yogurt. There is no rule that you have to use fat free yogurt I just happen to like my yogurt fat free, and it does help to keep the calories down on these lovely little treats. I’m not a calorie counter by any means but it is nice now and again to be able to enjoy a guilt free treat. And I had no guilt about these at all.

half eaten ice lolly

*Measurements in cups is a guide this recipe was made using metric weight*

Fruit Smoothie and Greek Yogurt Ice Lollies

Fruit smoothie ice lolly

By Emma Published: June 24, 2013

  • Yield: 4 ice lollies (4 Servings)

A light and creamy fruity dessert on the go!



  1. Chop up the banana, half the strawberries and place them in your blender.
  2. Pour in your yogurt and add the milk. Blitz on a high speed for a couple of minutes so everything is well blended together.
  3. Pour the liquid into your lolly moulds.
  4. Add a slice of kiwi to each of you lollies.
  5. Then place the lids on or cover and place in your freezer, for a minimum of 4 hours, overnight if you can.
  6. Then enjoy.
    ice lollies with a bowl of fruit

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14 Responses

  1. Wow, I love the way these frozen treats look – especially the kiwi in the middle. There is nothing I don’t like about these – and such a healthy treat to cool you down on a hot day! They’re perfect Emma :)
    Kelly Invites you to read…Mini Birthday Mango Mousse CakeletteMy Profile

    • Thanks Kelly, they were really good I sometimes forget how good low calorie and healthy treats are. The fruit was so delicious frozen and the frozen kiwi tasted fantastic.

  2. Inchara

    Nice post. Wow! I liked the greek yogurt. Fantastic. Thanks.

    • Thank you I’m glad you like it, I too am a lover of Greek yogurt :)

  3. These look gorgeous – pretty and healthy too! Now where did the sunshine go???
    Louise Invites you to read…Raspberry Flapjack CakeMy Profile

    • Hi Louise, tell me about it! I blame Wimbledon it always rains during Wimbledon lol. Glad you like the recipe thought it was time to do something a bit healthier :)

  4. I recently began looking for healthier treat options and this looks simple and delicious. Great recipe Emma!
    Dwayne Invites you to read…Apple-Cinnamon Spinach SmoothieMy Profile

    • Hi Dwayne, thank you very much. It can be hard sometimes to find healthy treat recipes especially ones that appeal to kids. Thats why I love these because they are so bright and colourful easy to make and they are good for you :) I am sure you will love them when you make them.

  5. Wow thanks so much Emma, I would never have thought of this before. I actually have a strawberry and banana smoothie recipe that I think you would like.


    • Hi Chris, thank you I shall check it out :)

  6. I love the look of these, the kiwi slice looks really good. #fridayfoodie

    • Hi Kate thank you, they are a good healthy alternative to many of the summer frozen treats :D

  7. This recipes looks good to eat, but can you only use greek yogart or can it be other kinds of yogart? I would like to try it sometime to see what it tastes like.
    Ruth Invites you to read…“Fit Newton” Pancake RecipeMy Profile

    • Hi Ruth, certainly you can use other types of yogurt I have been known to make these with Muller light yogurt with great results.

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